Small Talk 1 – improving your communications skills

Small Talk and Business English

Hello again from Burleigh Waters in QLD Australia

Your German Coach Peter H Bloecker

If you are a master of small talk, you can skip this podcast – just keep going and improve your communication skills by asking for feedback.

Why did the communication stop?

Where you talking 90% of the conversation or around 50%?

When did you communication partner – man or woman? – look around in the room or started staring at her phone screen or her watch?

Anyway – we all know that communication skills can be learnt and improved and that sometimes we do not know how to start a conversation or how to continue …

Check this website here out taken from a Business English Google search and find other sites of your interest.

Another way if you prefer videos: Search Youtube and key in Small Talk and improving your communication skills / Business English or similar.

Good luck & viel Erfolg bei der Suche


from Burleigh QLD


Your Coach of BGP

Listening comprehension of German

Various episodes and various texts – more than 400 – with different levels from A1 to C1 with exercises and a PDF to read while you can listen. Very well done by 2 ladies who are experienced teachers of German. Donations are possible, but generally free use of all this, a letter of thanx would be recommended.

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Purpose of this BLOG

Dear Follower,

This is not my main BLOG on Education, just to promote German Online for Free …

Having worked for the Goethe-Institut in Sydney and Brisbane as the German Language Adviser, I feel obliged to promote the Learning of German Online further and see this at my hobby at present.

The Podcast Business German is under construction and will be published on the Udemy Platform, where you will find a free taster course of German and my course Master Your German, which requires an entry level of B1 – fees apply.

My Business German Podcast BGP is on

Kindly yours from the Gold Coast in Burleigh QLD

Peter H Bloecker