Quote from The Guardian today …

Memorable lines

Theresa May:

The outcome of a long extension would be endless hours and days of this house carrying on contemplating its navel on Europe and failing to address the issues that matter to our constituents. This house has indulged itself on Europe for too long … [the British people] deserve better than what this house has given them so far.

Jeremy Corbyn:

Today marks 1,000 days since the referendum … this government has led the country into crisis, chaos and division. We’re legally due to leave the European Union in nine days’ time. Months of running down the clock and a concerted campaign of blackmail, bullying and bribery has failed to convince the house or the country that her deal is anything but a damaging national failure and should be rejected.

My comment: It is not her deal, it is the deal between the EU officials AND the British Government!

Pointing the finger at Theresa May and blaming her means three fingers are pointing back to Corbyn …




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